Death is the only inevitable thing of our lives. Everything that is created to live; dies. Death is a mystery. Death is the next adventure of life; in afterlife. You cannot do anything, absolutely anything to avoid it. You can dodge it, run away from it and do everything in your hands to escape from … Continue reading Deaths!

NO WORRIES For The Rest Of Your Life!

Book Title: Hakuna Matata Life Is Calling Author: Srinivas Yanamandra Publisher: Rupa Publications Pvt Ltd Language: English In a nutshell: Kaushik is a happy-go-lucky person, whose funny SMS's and sense of humour make him popular and loved by all. He has a perfect job, and has just met the love of his life Anushka. Surely … Continue reading NO WORRIES For The Rest Of Your Life!

Chaotic Poetry.

She's  hot, she’s beautiful in her own sexy ways. It takes a real struggle everyday to wake up and the face the demons dressed in the costumes of angels in front of her. She is different unlike many others around her. She cries herself to sleep every night but wakes up every morning with her … Continue reading Chaotic Poetry.

Proposal to best friend ❤

Hey, I love you 😚 I just want you to be with me. We've been known to each other. We have fallen in and out of love. We have seen each other stumble and hold on to life. We were best friends but things changed. I do not want any gifts or presents but just … Continue reading Proposal to best friend ❤