Death is the only inevitable thing of our lives. Everything that is created to live; dies. Death is a mystery. Death is the next adventure of life; in afterlife. You cannot do anything, absolutely anything to avoid it. You can dodge it, run away from it and do everything in your hands to escape from it, but in the end it reaches you. Markas Zusak, the author of ‘The Book Thief.’ said “It kills me how people die.” and when I read this it almost killed me. It did because I have witnessed deaths of my dear ones, I have seen people struggle with their lives, I have met people who couldn’t live because of ‘n’ number of reasons.
Last night I got a new of one of my dear friend’s death, for a while I couldn’t believe it because it seemed unnatural for a 21 year old kid to die. But then he had an ACCIDENT. Unfortunately we lost a young soul. That kept me up most of the night and put me on thoughts. (I over-think always)
I have been the reckless one all my life, I rode as if it is the last day of my life but I never spent a day like that. I took risks to get myself killed but never died. I gave up on life but I am still hanging onto it. I realized, life is a treasure you need to keep well-protected. You need to go out and explore the world and yourself too, so if you are on your deathbed tomorrow you die with no regrets. No matter if you’re 21 or 89.
If I die the next moment, I’ll have a smile on my face. If you feel you’ve lost me, you can cry as much as you want on this date and then you need to take forward my legacy. You’ll have to smile at the world even when you want to cry, you’ll have to stay strong for your loved ones when you are breaking down, you need to do things that you’ve never done before, party like it’s the end the last time you’re gonna have fun, experiment with food and cook it on your own, read till the last word of the book and sleep as if you’re dead when you’re tired, love someone even if you don’t receive the love back, be good to someone who’s been mean to you, forgive them for their mistakes, meet new people and give them the time of their lives, sit at the pavement and share your takeaway with the girl who sells balloons after school, stare back at the guy who had leeching eyes on you at the bar, play that tune that you created, earn for yourself and keep a part of your money for someone or something special, take unplanned drives, go places you’ve never been before, take risks and take all the pleasures of life you want to and FIND PEACE within yourself.
Do this for me and for yourself. Do this for what we’ve been, we are and we can be!

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