NO WORRIES For The Rest Of Your Life!

Book Title: Hakuna Matata Life Is Calling

Author: Srinivas Yanamandra

Publisher: Rupa Publications Pvt Ltd

Language: English

In a nutshell:

Kaushik is a happy-go-lucky person, whose funny SMS’s and sense of humour make him popular and loved by all. He has a perfect job, and has just met the love of his life Anushka. Surely life couldn’t be better. And then, things take a turn for the worse as Mumbai is shaken by the terror attacks on a very famous hotel, and the couple find themselves hopelessly entangled as suspected accomplices in the terror operations.

Favourite Quote:

“When Going Gets Tough And Tough Gets Going.

Rest If You Must But Do Not Quit.”

Personal Opinion:

It has it all romance, thrill, fun! Surrounds you in a positive aura. With each chapter it brings an amazing saying. It captivates the reader to continue reading. One of my favourites. Do read. It may bring out the spark you thought died within you.



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